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There is an increased awareness in terms of natural skincare, organic products but when it comes to makeup remover we forget. Most of the makeup remover contains alcohol and harmful chemical which strips skin of its natural oil. If you follow natural skincare regimen makeup remover is just an extension of it. All you need for this: – 2 oz Olive Oil – 2 oz Jojoba Oil – 4 Vitamin E capsule – 10 Drops Tea tree Essential Oil Mix the oils in a bottle, add Vitamin E drops from the capsules, top it with Essential oil. Close the lid and shake well. Use it with a cotton pad to remove makeup. Works great for eye makeup as well.

Your skin get all the nourishment of oils and vitamin E. Tea Tree oil is anti bacterial so it fights infections as well. It is a win win situation you get clean and nourished skin at the same time. If you use this natural skincare routine everyday you will see the difference soon.