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This is first one in our All about roses series. You have all those roses and hate to throw it away. Sweet smelling soothing rose toner is uplifting. It is slightly astringent and balances all skin types even sensitive ones. This toner moisturize dry, mature, environmentally damaged skin. All you need is

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Rose is known as a symbol of love, beauty and purity. Human race has long affair with rose, its been use since ages in beauty regimen.With Valentines Day approaching red roses are everywhere. For once this season you either skip the middleman and give yourself gift of a bouquet or use the ones you received. We are doing an “All about Roses series”. → Read more

Hopefully Cold and flu will not strike your family this year. But if does we have paraben free, natural Vapor rub recipe for you. It is safe on babies and adult alike. This formula is designed to help relieve congestion by shrinking swollen mucus membranes. The vapor contains antibacterial and antiviral properties to aid healing. Store bought vapor rub have two main active ingredients menthol and eucalyptus oil. But these also contains turpentine oil and petroleum along with other ingredients. This natural vapor rub can double as foot, hand and dry skin softener as well.

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Pumpkin latte, Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin Cookie… we see everything pumpkin this season including pumpkin spa packages (pumpkin wraps, pumpkin facials etc). Here we are talking about homemade pumpkin mask. You probably have everything needed in your pantry. Pumpkins are very good in skin care routine because they are high in vitamin A and C and various other enzymes. It fights free radicals and keeps skin wrinkle free. Mixed with honey, yoghurt and almond meal it becomes a super mask of nourishment. → Read more

All you need is Honey. Apply a thin layer of honey on face leave it for 15 minutes. Tap or massage with fingertips. Clean with warm wash cloth. Why it works: Honey acts as a humectant – it draws and binds water from the air into your skin. In other words honey helps fight wrinkles, dryness and maintains elasticity of your skin. Honey is a natures miracle. It has antioxidants, antibacterial, antimicrobial properties which reduces premature aging and help skin heal. Honey is good for skin that constantly experiences breakouts. It cleanses the skin by opening the pores and follicles so you can keep your skin young and fresh.